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Player Profiles

Augustine Pulu

First Name Augustine
Last Name Pulu
Nick Name Mad Dog
Date of Birth 04 January 1990
Place of Birth New Zealand
Height 189cm
Weight 92kg
Playing Position Halfback

What club do you play for?
List your Rugby History:
Northern Regions, Counties Manukau U 20's Counties Manukau Academy, Chiefs Development 2010 & Steelers  2009, 2010 & 2011, Chiefs Development, Chiefs & All Blacks
What is the best thing about being a Steeler?
The brotherhood and representing South Auckland

What is your favourite place in Counties Manukau? Papatoetoe

How many in your family?8

What was your best Christmas present ever? I am still waiting for it

What film that you have you seen would you watch again? Get Hard

Do you have any superstitions on game day - what they? No

If you had a spare $20 what would you buy? Give it to someone who needs it more

What is your rugby highlight so far?
Making the All Blacks

If you could be one fruit what would it be and why? Strawberry because I am sweet! lol

If you could be one animal what would it be and why?Dog because I am the Mad Dog

What is your favourite possession? My beatspill

If you could spend one hour on a park bench talking to anyone who would it be?(Past or present) God

What is something about you that not many people know? I am a barber

What is the best bit of advice you have received so far?Don't you dare give up (look up)

What is your biggest pet hate? Rats

What gets you really excited?Game time

Do you have a try celebration move-what is it? Point to the sky

Who was your favourite player growing up? Tana Umaga