ABC Camp


“Growth and Development for our Grassroots Level”


To develop the basics skills and techniques of rugby for our Tamariki.


  • Catch and Pass
  • Ball into Contact and Post Contact
  • Tackle
  • Cleanout
  • Kicking Game



  • Inclusive and a welcoming environment that allows players to express themselves and be who they are in team environment despite the level of Rugby IQ.
  • “Iron sharpens Iron”
  • Engaging players interest and providing a quality training that will enhance performance develop their skill set and mindset in Rugby.
  • Enjoyment so players can be excited learning alongside their friends which will establish a strong team bond and culture.



  • Ages 9yrs old to 13yrs old
  • Talent ID
  • From schools and clubs
  • Those willing to sharpen their skills and develop their Rugby IQ.


Catch and Pass technique

  • Ball familiarity
  • Sight Target
  • Ball loaded from hip
  • Shoot hands through to target
  • Follow through
  • Target/Breadbasket Up
  • Communication
  • Inside Hand slightly lower than outside hand

Ball into Contact and Post Contact

  • Two hands holding the ball
  • Dancing Feet to target defender’s weak shoulder
  • Drop shoulder and Ball tucked under the armpits away from tackler
  • Drive through contact
  • Post Contact: Hit the ground
  • Staple position with long ball placement 


  • Eyes on the Puku (target)
  • Dancing/Fast Feet
  • Stomp Foot
  • Same Foot, Same Shoulder
  • Punch and Squeeze
  • Stay squeezing until attacker goes to ground to complete tackle
  • Release and roll away (Sideline to Sideline not Tryline to Tryline)
  • Spring back up to your feet


  • Enter through the gate
  • Aeroplane taking off not landing
  • Get shoulder under
  • Shoot arms through and squeeze
  • Hook lever
  • Drive through not up
  • Stay on your feet
  • Maintain strong low body position
  • Clean out threats

“Quality Coaching and Basic Skills throughout the program is paramount and making sure WE HAVE FUN!”


Vuga Tagicakibau | Rugby Development Officer
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