Around the Grounds Round 5

Steelers announce new signings
The PIC Steelers have announced a number of signings for the upcoming Mitre 10 Cup. The great majority of those players will be coming out of club rugby. (Read up on the new signings here:
At least 10 players have been announced as having secured contracts with some spots left for anyone impressing in club land over the next few weeks.

CEO playing through pain
Credit goes to CMRFU CEO Aaron Lawton for lasting the full 80 minutes at the Premier 1 clash between Pukekohe and Ardmore Marist on Saturday.
The Union boss had been battling a bit with a stomach bug on Saturday morning but thought it would pass and decided to get down to the rugby. Unfortunately during the first half he was seen making a beeline for the bushes for a vomit.
We hear he steadily went downhill from there. So why didn’t he just leave and go home at halftime? Turns out he’d picked Steelers coach Tai Lavea up on the way out to Puke and the head coach wasn’t keen to miss a minute of club footy. Nice commitment gents and also explains why they left straight afterwards without stopping in the clubrooms for a post-match drink.

Referees to crack down on foul play
There has been a spate of foul play and poor side line behaviour since the resumption of club rugby, particularly in the U21 and U85 grades.
Referees boss Brandon Roberts and the Council of Delegates have agreed to be much tougher on this from this weekend on.
Clubs backed the stance and are promising to do their part to clean up the game.

Refs to work with clubs
Speaking of referees - Roberts will meet with Waiuku Brian James Contracting this week at training to help go through some of the issues they were penalised for at the weekend after the club got on the front foot and asked for his assistance.
The Referees Education Officer has done similar things with other clubs already and is employing a concept of working with clubs to help improve their ability to adapt to various law interpretations that should make everyone better off.

Coach worse for wear
Which Premier 1 coach was considerably dusty on Sunday morning after a rather large court session following a win on Saturday?
The coach in question was brave enough to front up for a Sunday morning media interview despite feeling under the weather and should be commended for his commitment and his honesty!

Anyone seen the Cup?
Manurewa Kidd Contracting lifted the Counties Power Cup from Ardmore Marist South Auckland Motors a fortnight ago and successfully defended it last week against Onewhero Summit Homes at Mountfort Park.
But the glaring omission from the side line or the after match was the actual Cup itself.
Ardmore Marist didn’t receive it when they won it and there were phone calls between various clubs trying to locate the piece of silverware.
A new rule of presenting the Cup on the field immediately after full-time is likely to take effect once the Cup is returned.

Small celebration for Onewhero
The official centenary celebrations at the Onewhero Rugby Club have been shifted to earlier next year – looking likely to be 12-13 March 2021.
But on the August 1 this year both the Premier 1 side playing Bombay and U85’s are at home, so the club is going to celebrate the centenary year, together with Sponsors Day and Ladies Day.
It will be a nice recognition of the club’s achievement in what has been a trying year due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

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