CurraNZ is a 100% natural sports and health superfood supplement made from New Zealand blackcurrants, and is the most effective legal performance-enhancing supplement available.

CurraNZ is rich in Anthocyanins, which aid performance, protect muscle tissue from damage and enable faster recovery from the effects of exercise. Our athletes are excited to test out how CurraNZ will help their bodies repair faster, accelerate recovery and improve their endurance.


The Superior Anthocyanins in New Zealand blackcurrants help us be our personal best by naturally protecting, strengthening and repairing our bodies and minds.

Each CurraNZ capsule is packed with a generous handful of New Zealand blackcurrants that boost immunity and improve the health and wellbeing of active people.


Anthocyanins are natural plant compounds that give blackcurrants their deep purple colouring. These bioactive fruit pigments boast numerous health benefits including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting actions. Ground-breaking scientific research also shows that anthocyanins have a positive effect on fat metabolism, blood flow and oxygen delivery.