Junior Girls Rugby

Reasons you should let your daughter play rugby

  1. She will learn the importance of hard work
  2. She will learn how strong and powerful her body is
  3. She will know that she is capable of anything her male cohorts can do
  4. She will learn how to get back up once she’s been knocked down
  5. She will experience the incredible feeling of being part of a team
  6. She will respect others, regardless of their decisions
  7. She will learn to deal with disappointment
  8. She will realise she is unstoppable

Our Mission

To build ‘All Girl’ grades in Rippa, Quick Rip, and Tackle for an all-girls competition in the rugby season.

Our Values

“To provide an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone who is involved in Rugby. To develop a life-long love of the game, by giving everyone the opportunity to learn, participate and grow”.


Annette Tossell | Club Development Officer
M | 027 227 9729 | E | annette.tossell@steelers.co.nz