Rugby Smart - Senior and Secondary Schools

Course Description

Rugby Smart is a world-leading injury prevention programme and since it’s inception in 2001 it has seen significant drops in rugby-related injury claims. It is a comprehensive approach that is about keeping players where coaches and supporters want them: on the field, contributing to a successful team operating in a safe environment.

Before the season kicks off, you’ll need to ensure you’ve completed RugbySmart.
This season we’ve made it even EASIER to complete RugbySmart and you’ll only need to do one of the following:

Complete the RugbySmart Online Module, or
Take part in a NZR RugbySmart Webinar, or
Attend a RugbySmart practical session, facilitated by CMRFU.


Online Registration Form - Re-register or Register Here
Choose one of 3 options – RugbySmart Online Module, NZR RugbySmart Webinar or CMRFU RugbySmart practical session.

nzr rugby smart webinars 2024

RugbySmart Webinar (Sunday 17th March) - 07:00 PM
RugbySmart Webinar (Wednesday 27th March) - 07:00 PM
RugbySmart Webinar (Sunday 21st April) - 07:00 PM
RugbySmart Webinar (Wednesday 8th May) - 07:00 PM


RugbySmart Practical (Monday 25th March) - 06:30 PM Navigation Homes Stadium

For more information, please contact Paul Wheeler