Rugby Smart

Course Description:

Rugby Smart is a world-leading injury prevention programme and since it’s inception in 2001 it has seen significant drops in rugby-related injury claims. It is a comprehensive approach that is about keeping players where coaches and supporters want them: on the field, contributing to a successful team operating in a safe environment.

Course Registration Process (Inclusive of COVID-19):

  1. Contact your Rugby Club to register on their Sporty Website Here. If you are coaching at a Secondary School, you can find a link to their school contact Here
  2. Once registered, you will then be required to complete the online quiz
  3. Once you have completed the online quiz, you will then recieve an email containing vital information regarding COVID-19. This is essential to ensure that we are dilligent in keeping the disease at bay
  4. Final step is to attend ONE of either the Practical or Online (ZOOM) sessions with the Counties Manukau Coach Development Manager 

Please note; coaches who have completed a practical course in 2020 prior to Lock Down, do not need to attend any of these sessions as they have completed the process already 

See Below for Dates and Times:

Date Target Group Course Method Venue Time
15/6/20 Senior & Returning Secondary School Coaches  Online (ZOOM) Your Place  7.30pm
22/6/20 Senior & Returning Secondary School Coaches  Online (ZOOM) Your Place  7.30pm 
29/6/20  Senior & Returning Secondary School Coaches  Practical  Navigation Homes Stadium  6pm 
8/7/20 All New Secondary School Coaches  Practical  Pukekohe High School - Gymnasium 6pm


Content includes:

  • Tackle Safety 
  • Breakdon Safety - Including the Law adaptations. To learn more, see the link below 
  • Scrum Safety - Body Position 
  • Concussion Management 

For more information on Rugby Smart go to Check out the link to learn more about the Law adaptations and they will be officiated