Associate Referees Courses

Have you made the decision to help out our game and your community by picking up the whistle in 2024?! We are thankful and so will your players be, as there is no game without a referee! As staff of the CMRF Union, we are all showing Courage by giving Refereeing a go in 2024, for our clubs and schools. If we can do it, so can you.

There are many benefits to being a Referee, to name a few:
Giving Back to the Game and your Community
Learn more about the game
Decision Making
Operating under pressure
Decision making
Communication and public speaking skills
Time management
Leadership growth


This course will get you accredited to referee rugby.


12th March Tuesday @ Navigation Homes Stadium
19th March Monday @ Navigation Homes Stadium
17th April Wednesday @ Navigation Homes Stadium
23rd April Tuesday @ Navigation Homes Stadium

Further Information Contact
021 068 9437