developing counties coaches

22nd – 23rd February 2020

The Developing Counties Coaches Course is designed for coaches looking to enhance their knowledge of the game and grow their individual Coaching Toolbox. The course is aimed at coaches in the Senior and Secondary School grades

To complete the course, the coach must attend both development days, successfully complete the online course components and undergo a series of coaching assessments alongside a World Rugby Educator from within our rugby coaching community



Day Time Venue - Strathallan College (Map)

Dinner and Sleeping Venue – Karaka RFC 372 Black bridge Road, Karaka

Course Cost: $80

Course Schedule

Day 1





“Welcome to the Course”


Coaching practical 1


Break 1


Coaching Best Practice demonstration


Game Analysis – Principles of Play


Break 2


Planning – Season/Session


Rugby Smart


Coaching practical 2


Depart for Karaka RFC




Game Analysis in teams


 Day 2




Breakfast at Karaka RFC


Steelers Legend quiz


Creating a Positive Team Environment


Break 1


Game Shape – Attack


Team Defence


Break 2


Unit Session – Fwds & Backs


Coaching practical 2


Course Wrap up





Day 1 of the course and it is pouring down!! Every day leading up to it and post the course had been fine except this one. Nevertheless, the coaches still went out and did their thing showing their staunch commitment to their development

Coaching in the Rain

Coaching in the rain!! Hard to see but there are buckets coming down

Throughout the course, they were required to deliver 3 x 5 – 8-minute coaching sessions based on a topic given to them by myself. The coaches were then required to coach the 4 – 6 other coaches in their group which was then followed by a 3-minute review with a World Rugby Coach Educator. This is one of the great components of this course. Having access to quality coach educators who are giving instant feedback from which the coach can build.

As well as the practical and theory sessions, integrated into the course for the first time, was the RUGBY SMART course. This proved to be a successful addition as it allowed us to have a real focus on the safety components of rugby while giving the coaches a fundamental skill to coach in the practical sessions

As Day 1 drew to a close, it was time to head back to the Karaka Rugby Club for a meal, warm shower and to settle in for the Chiefs v Brumbies game. This provided us with a great opportunity to practice our Game Analysis which we carried out through the first half of the game. Reinforcement of knowledge gained in class was the aim and it was great to see that the understanding was developing

On Day 2, we were fortunate to have Tai Lavea – Steelers Head Coach and Boof Henson – Steelers Assistant Coach come and present for us. For many reasons it was beneficial for the coaches to have these guys there however what made it more meaningful was that the Steelers Squad had played in a match the day before in the Centurions Cup. So, it was great to have insight into the on goings that drove their performance and then to have the coaches debriefing and analysing as they were presenting.

Along with the Steelers coaches, we had Bombay Coach Paul Wheeler aka ‘Wheels’ share his knowledge around ‘Theming a Campaign’ which he is renown for amongst his peers and the teams he has coached. Wheels is a major part of the success Bombay has seen over the past 6 years having won 5 out of 6 McNamara Cups in that time so it was great to have his insight

As mentioned earlier, each group had a coach educator attached to it. The educators played many roles throughout the course and leading up to it. They were Logistical crew, couriers, food caterers, photographers, coaches, mentors, and presenters. Without the efforts of the educators, the course would lose so much value, so I owe a huge thanks to Lawrence Lawrence (Loz), Shaun Atamu, Cynthia Ta’ala-Timaloa (Monkey) and Vuga Tagicakabau


  • Strathallan College for hosting the course and allowing us the use of their facilities
  • Hugo Fourie from Strathallan who was there for us whenever required. Hugo is the schools Teacher in Charge of Rugby and was integral for us throughout the course and the set-up process.
  • Scott Penney and the Karaka RFC for hosting the overnight stay and providing us with the mean kai for dinner and breakfast
  • Monkey, Shaun and Vuga for going beyond the call of duty to ensure the coaches were satisfied with their experience
  • Presenters – Wheels, Loz, Tai and Boof for giving up your valuable time to share your knowledge with us