Steelers call up Myovolt advantage for 2023 season

Steelers call up Myovolt advantage for 2023 season

The Counties Manukau PIC Steelers have announced a partnership with wearable recovery tech pioneers Myovolt to assist the PIC Steelers with preparation and recovery during the 2023 Bunnings Warehouse NPC Rugby season.  

The high-performance technology has been developed by a team of innovative experts with global experience creating garment integrated electronics, working with some of the largest global brands including Adidas, Apple, Nike, and NASA. 

In 2012 they created the World’s first performance enhancing electronic garments for Olympic athletes. Developed for Adidas, this technology was specifically designed to enhance off-the-mark muscle power performance for explosive sports such as track cycling and athletics. 

Built on science and cutting-edge technology - and endorsed by a growing number of Medtech universities and organisations - the wearable technology uses Focal Vibration to massage the tissues promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage, removing lactic acid or metabolic waste, causing faster recovery and easier body movement. 

The PIC Steelers Head of Strength & Conditioning, Jed Knox, welcomes the exciting technology into the Counties Manukau training environment.  

“For us, we talk a lot about an athlete's best ability is their availability to perform, being healthy and available to practice their craft has a big impact on performance and we are always looking at new ways of reducing injury risk and increasing the availability of our athletes” 

For Counties Manukau Rugby, Myovolt provides an innovative solution for their athletes, knowing they can warm the muscles up pre-training or recover effectively and safely in any environment, whether that’s in the gym, a hotel room or on the team bus. 

Myovolt Co-Founder Steve Leftly is equally excited about the partnership with the PIC Steelers. 

“We’re excited to be partnering with Counties Manukau this season. We love to work closely with elite players, team performance experts and physios to enhance rehab and recovery. Myovolt is perfect for providing the mens and womens teams with physio-level recovery anywhere, anytime.” 

Over the last ten years, enhancing human performance and recovery through wearable technology has been the driving force behind the extensive R&D effort that led to Myovolt, its invention, validation, and commercialisation. 

Central to this was the goal to create a wearable treatment product that could enhance sports performance for everyone, not just elite athletes. Myovolt is soft, comfortable, and easy to use delivering a specific range of vibration frequencies to stretch muscle fibres and stimulate nerves. Its clinically proven to increase blood flow, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and increase flexibility. 

Myovolt will be used in all areas of training including pre-game routines as well as recovery and rehab sessions for the Steelers and their other franchise teams.

Supporters and fans can use code STEELERS at checkout for 25% off Myovolt products all season. 

About Myovolt  
New Zealand based Myovolt is the pioneer of the world’s first wearable technology for recovery, movement and rehabilitation, utilising garment-based focal vibration. Myovolt’s clinical research-backed technology helps anyone warm up, recover faster or move easier anywhere, at any time.  Myovolt is the result of many years of research and development by experts with a track record of designing performance-enhancing technology for elite and Olympic athletes. Cliically proven to dramatically reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, Myovolt has become an essential recovery tool for high-performance athletes and active people around the world.