Update for the Counties Manukau Rugby Community - Covid 19

Update for the Counties Manukau Rugby Community - Covid 19

Dear clubs and members of the Counties Manukau rugby community,

 We hope you are keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. Who would have imagined 2020 would have taken this path?

 Here at the Union we are keeping busy and planning for many possible scenarios.

Our No 1 priority right now is to determine how we can look after our clubs & grassroots rugby. In light of that, it’s certainly the view of the CMRFU that we would like to see some form of club rugby take place this year. What that may look like will not be known until we start to see current restrictions lift. We also know that once we are in a position to pinpoint a possible date, we will all need to move quickly to make sure we have coaches, referees & club volunteers ready to go.

 As mentioned, we are doing our part in regards to planning and having conversations with NZR. And all we ask is clubs make sure your very valuable volunteers are ready to go. Jeremy Wara is looking at what we can do on the coaching front & Brandon Roberts is making sure our referees are ready.

 We will be work closely with the Council of Delegate Executive committee to firm up our plans in the coming weeks, so if you have any questions or suggestions to assist us or other clubs, please contact your club delegate.

 Thanks for all you have done for our club game & please stay safe.