CMRRA Referee Recruitment and Retention Initiative

DateThu, 06 Apr 2017

Referees provide a critical service to rugby. However, the number of referees in the Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union has decreased over recent years, which has put significant demand, on current referees. A reimbursement scheme has been recently introduced to firstly reward current referees, but also attract new people to refereeing. For the first time, the Counties Manukau Rugby Referees will be reimbursed $15, per day, to officiate club, school and junior club rugby.

Chairman of the Counties Manukau Rugby Referees Association and current premier referee Nigel Bradley says,” In our analysis of why people stop refereeing, one of the key things that came through is the cost involved, especially for younger people. He thinks that a small payment to reimburse some part of a referees cost will help”.

Nigel also adds “Our thanks to the Union for working with us to find a solution for this issue.  The Union have also been pro-active with several new initiatives with clubs to help referees. These include: roping off fields to spectators, event managers to help with side line conduct, having coaches and reserves stand in designated areas and starting the Club Code of Conduct and Applaud campaigns”

Referee Education Officer Antony Petrie says “Refereeing is a very fun and enjoyable way to stay involved in the game. It keeps you fit, you become more knowledgeable on the laws, you have the best seat in the house and there is a great culture and supportive network amongst the Association”

For anyone interested in refereeing rugby or wants to know more information, please contact Antony Petrie on (027) 439 0456 or