Counties Manukau on board with CurraNZ!

Counties Manukau Rugby have recently partnered with New Zealand’s leading performance-enhancing blackcurrant supplement brand, CurraNZ.

Jed Knox, head of Strength and Conditioning here at the Union said that the partnership provides a great fit for our athletes.

“Being the leading performance-enhancing blackcurrant supplement brand, CurraNZ is a perfect fit for a dynamic sport like rugby to help reduce fatigue and enhance lactate clearance following exercise.

“We’re always searching for ways to significantly improve sports performance, and scientific research shows CurraNZ allows for greater exercise intensity, faster recovery times, improved cognitive function and improved immunity. The potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood-flow-promoting properties of CurraNZ help the PIC Steelers cope with the high daily physical demands required to compete at the Mitre 10 cup.

“As it’s a product backed by informed sport which has undergone rigorous testing for banned substances, we eliminate that risk for our players - which is important for us, and the partnership makes sense on many levels.

"Since introducing CurraNZ into our training environment we have seen a noticeable decrease in our lads reported muscle soreness and perceptions of fatigue. We are yet to witness any significant improvements in performance in the short time we have been using the product however it is clear that Curranz has had a positive effect on our ability to recover between matches and cope with the volume and intensity of training".

Scott Cushman, Sales Manager for the NZ operation said: “CurraNZ is really proud to be partnering with Counties Manukau. Rugby is our national sport and we have been keen to see our rugby teams experience the exercise and recovery benefits the product can deliver.

“Our product has flourished on the international scene with the likes of Tottenham Hotspurs and other English Premier League teams getting good results on the product whilst our kiwi teams and individuals have been a bit behind in discovering what it can do.

“It’s a kiwi product and kiwis are pushing it across the world and now we have a partnership with a homegrown side. It’s also quite poignant Counties are one of the first New Zealand teams using CurraNZ as I grew up in the Counties area and spent my high school years attending Wesley College”.