Counties Manukau Staff get stuck in to support local foodbank

We recently had the opportunity to get out in the community and help relocate the local food bank run by Pukekohe Community Action.

Pukekohe Community Action are an outreach organisation in the Franklin area, offering a range of programmes and support for all age groups. They spend their time developing and delivering programmes and services that support and change the lives of people in the Franklin community.

Their food bank is an incredible service which is available 24/7 for our most vulnerable community members. It’s been running for several years now, and they offer tailored food parcels for those who need them, depending on their needs.

A group of CMRFU staff went over to get the food bank move underway, including commercial manager Scott Penney.

“Getting the job done, we felt connected and revitalised. It was great to work with another community facing not for profit who are doing good in our community.

“I think Jan & Bob were a little overwhelmed with the speed that all the food was shifted - our human chain was moving pretty swiftly. We got the job done so quickly that we got stuck into relocating pyjamas (900pairs!) stored away for their upcoming pyjama drive.

“I was a little gutted that their children’s size ladybug dressing gown didn’t fit me, but I’m sure it’ll be perfect for someone in the community!”

There were plenty of laughs and stories shared in the sun together while getting the job done as a team. Lending a helping hand is a great way for us to connect with our wider community while uniting as a team over meaningful activities, and it’s something we want to reimplement on a regular basis.