Respect the Referee Hayden Munro

Outside of his referee uniform, you might recognise Hayden from his role as a site traffic manager supervisor on local roadwork projects. A down to earth community guy, he’s always there with a smile and a helping hand.

Hayden started off playing rugby and, with a little inspiration from his dad who was a referee at the time, decided to give refereeing a go.

Over his 18 years as a ref, Hayden has achieved several goals special to him – with highlights including his first time refereeing a Premier Reserve game, and another time when he hit the pitch as assistant referee for the 2019 Premier 3 final.

Like any young person Hayden enjoys hanging out with good mates and spending time with family, which is something that aligns well with the refereeing environment; being a ref is just like being part of a wider family.

“I am close with everyone in our referee family, and I enjoy being part of the squad. You make some good friends throughout your career, and there are good opportunities where you can travel around different regions or even overseas when you get to higher levels.”