Amohia te Waiora

Aotearoa is at a critical stage with alcohol. It has seeped into all parts of society and our hauora. The communities that make our home beautiful know that it is time to draw the line.

Our mission is to enable a direction in alcohol harm minimisation that is culturally responsive, community owned, and strengths-based. This is our contribution to a healthier and more equitable Aotearoa — one that acknowledges our ancestors and values.

To start this journey, we want to raise awareness about the impact of alcohol across all communities and parts of society. We want to support local and cross-government actions that make alcohol less visible, affordable and available, and help shift social norms towards low-risk alcohol consumption and not drinking.

Amohia te Waiora means to ‘uphold wellness’. It is a call that can be owned and championed by communities, wh?nau, and people who are unified by the need to change the place of alcohol in our society. It reminds us to prioritise our taha wairua, taha tinana, taha hinengaro and taha wh?nau, and it’s about mana motuhake in the action of raising up.

The tohu represents the four dimensions of Te Whare Tapa Wh? and reminds us of balance. We see the need for this in nature, wh?nau, and our communities. In them, we want to ensure that power, health, strength and wellbeing are restored for generations to come.